Kfz-Innung Köln – "Car Check Day 2012"

Establishing a successful campaign as a recurring event is the result of a rigorous development process. This is now the third time in a row that we have provided communications services for Kfz-Innung Köln’s annual “Car Check Day”, after it all got started with a pilot project in 2010. What’s in it for car owners? A free 12-point safety check on their vehicles at any of the member auto repair shops, plus a guaranteed discount on repair services in the first six weeks after any problems are found.

To raise awareness among the target audience, promotional activities in the run-up to the event included campaigns in high-traffic parking garages in the Cologne metro area, print ads in the Kölner Express newspaper and public relations work using an integrated giveaway contest and online banners on the paper’s website. For the first time, the event communications featured a celebrity testimonial: Formula 1 safety car driver Bernd Mayländer helped promote this year’s “Car Check Day.”

"Traffic safety is a matter of particular importance to the Kfz-Innung. That’s why we teamed up with the Cologne Police Department in 2010 to launch ‘Car Check Day.’ This gives car owners a no-cost opportunity to have safety issues detected early on, while also helping them with any necessary repairs. And it makes our roads safer, which is in everyone’s interest. Thanks to hoffmeister & partner’s advice and support,the kick-off communications for ‘Car Check Day’ were particularly cost-effective and successful, as were the marketing campaigns in the following years."

Norbert Werner – Managing Director, Kfz-Innung Köln

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