Revamped web presence

Introducing hoffmeister & partner’s brand new website.

Strategic changes are part of our tradition; enduring values are our compass. This is the foundation on which hoffmeister & partner’s web presence was given a fresh new look.

Throughout our 30-year-plus history, we have always put careful thought into how to renew our corporate identity. Short-lived trends have taken a back seat to a long-range approach that uses the entire arsenal of communications tools to ensure that we make the most of our marketing budget while creating a long-lasting impact. Achieving this means not just concentrating on the essentials and communicating our unique attributes; it also means executing a consistent, well-thought-out strategy that makes our values the focus of attention and top of mind.

In this respect, the relaunch of the hoffmeister & partner website marks the third stage in our evolution. We got our start in the great big advertising universe at a time when manually setting posters in type was still a specialized profession and final PDF proofs were still provided as hard copies. The spread of the Internet and the increasing volume of information that it brought with it, led us to boldly remake our corporate look. From then on, the hoffmeister & partner brand has stood for modernity, simplicity and integrity. In today’s rapidly changing world that overloads the senses, the challenge is to convey rational interests with emotional messages in a way that captures ever-shortening attention spans. Our new web presence is a testament to this kind of symbiosis.

Every idea is based on innovation. Progress requires precision, efficiency and high standards. That’s why any type of innovative work begins at the drawing board.

On top of that, our logo succinctly tells you who we are: the agency for marketing communications. Full service across five disciplines. Integrated and independent. Not more – and most of all, nothing less.

This is also incorporated in our visual world. As an agency, we add value by acting as a catalyst and an advocate. We translate rational ideas and strategies on the theoretical level into practice and infuse them with emotional content.

And last, but not least, we are proud to be a part of Cologne’s media landscape – ever since 1980, to be exact. Cologners love their cathedral, and so do we.

We hope you enjoy our agency’s presentation in the World Wide Web. Here you’ll learn what makes us tick, what quality means to us, and how we go about integrating five distinct disciplines into the marketing mix. You’ll also learn how we work at hoffmeister & partner and see concrete examples from past projects and campaigns.

If you are as excited about everything here as we are, then we look forward to getting to know you better. You’ll find the right contact person for your situation on our Contact page.

hoffmeister & partner – Agency for Marketing Communications